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Prediction of Playing Ability among Kho-Kho Players from Selected Anthropometrical, Psychological and Physical Fitness Variables

  Author(s) Name: Chandrashekar. C & Dr. R. Srinivasa Abstract The purpose of the study was to predict the playing ability in kho-kho from selected anthropometrical, psychological and physical fitness variables. To achieve the purpose four hundred and thirty five kho-kho players were randomly selected from various clubs in Karnataka state, India and their age ranged from […]

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Comparative Effect of Aerobic Exercises and Yogic Practice on Selected Physical Variables among UG Level Students of Tumkur University

  Author(s) Name: Shivanna. R & Dr. R. Srinivasa Abstract The purpose of the study was to find out the comparative effect of aerobic exercises and yogic practice on selected physical variables among UG level students of Tumkur University. To achieve the purpose of the present study, eighty UG level students of Tumkur University, Karnataka State, India […]

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The Impact of Different Modalities of Karate with Yogic Techniques on the Explosive Power of Collegiate Level Karate Players

Author(s) Name: T.M.Rakesh & Dr.S.Suthakar Abstract Various forms of sports are considered an integral part of society. Coaches and trainers all over the world constantly strive for better results for their wards. The sport involved here was karate and the trainers wanted to find out the impact of their work on the explosive power of young karate […]

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The Effects of using an Interactive Whiteboard on Postgraduate Students’ Academic Achievement in a Nigerian University

Author(s) Name: Peter Ayoola Ajelabi Abstract This study examined the effects of the use of an interactive whiteboard on the academic achievement of Nigerian postgraduate students, after a 10-week exposure to a post graduate course (Educational Broadcasting) in Educational Technology. 24 students participated in the study. One major null hypothesis was formulated and tested. The research […]

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An Introductory Study on Distributed Database

Author(s) Name: M.Natarajan& R.Geetha Abstract A distributed database is a collection of multiple interconnected databases, which are spread physically across various locations that communicate via a computer network. This paper presents an overview of Distributed Database System along with their advantages and disadvantages. This paper also provides various aspects like replication, fragmentation and various problems that can be […]

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