A Comparative Study on E-Banking Services between Nationalized and Private Banks in Dindigul District

Abstract :

The paper presented the comparative study between nationalized and private banks in e-banking in Dindigul
cities. E-banking is the provision of banking services through e-channels and the customer can access the data without any time and geographical limitation. This paper identified the how much e-banking adoption in different banks in Dindigul cities. Also comparative study of banks in different region to analyze ATM, Net banking, Mobile banking services used by user in that bank. This paper is basically concerned with the customer aspect of e-banking searching for customer satisfaction levels and adoptions of banks. This is a comparative study between nationalized and private banks and find out the majority of which kind of transaction in banks in Dindigul cities.

Author Name: C.Muthuraj & Dr.T.Gayathri


Keywords: E-banking, internet banking, ATM, Online banking, Mobile banking.