A Descriptive Study on the Level of Anxiety among Primi Mothers in Selected Primary Health Care Centre in Pudukotai District

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Praveena Melba.A


The study is designed to find out the prevalence of anxiety among primi mothers. The study is therefore entitled as “A Descriptive study to assess the level of anxiety among primi mothers in selected primary health care centre in pudukkottai district”. The population considered for the purpose of this study was from primary health care centre, Varpet, Pudukkottai. The researcher has adopted convenience sampling method. Totally 76 questionnaires have been issued to primi mothers resided in both areas and out of that 56 primi mothers were reported high level of anxiety. From the 56 primi mothers, 50 primi mothers were selected and they were divided into two groups namely experimental group and control group. The study has depended on primary data. The primary data is collected through questionnaires from the primi mothers. The investigator has made a pilot study with survey instrument prepared and necessary changes were incorporated, with the suggestion given by the experts. Further the survey instrument was employed for reliability, based on that the survey instrument was finalised and the data were collected. In order to assess the anxious mood and tension level Hamilton Anxiety scale were used and the data were analysed through the statistical package for the social sciences (SPSS), with the T-test methods. The findings of the study revealed that the experimental group significantly reduced anxious mood and tension than the control group.


Descriptive, Anxiety, Primi Mothers, Primary Health Care.

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Praveena Melba.A (2019). A Descriptive Study on the Level of Anxiety Among Primi Mothers in Selected Primary Health Care Centre in Pudukotai District. International Journal of Recent Research and Applied Studies, 6, 7(1), 1-4.