A Study on Tourist Satisfaction and Dissatisfaction towards Tourism Services in Palani Murugan Temple

Abstract :

Pilgrimage tourism is a journey to holy places and it is an oldest form of tourism in the world. A person who makes a journey to such place is called pilgrims. From ancient time people thinks that making travel to religious sites are one of his religious duty. India has naturally and historically important religious sites which are belonging to various religious groups. It attracts many people from all over the world, every year. Tamil Nadu is one of the states in India it has plenty of well known religious destinations and Palani is the most divine among all abodes of Lord Murugan. It attracts lacks of devotees and safeguards the life of many peoples who were associated and dependent on this religious tourism sites. Hence this study focuses its attention to satisfaction of pilgrims regarding services provided by the devasthanam in Palani Murugan temple.

Author Name : D.Manimekalai & Dr.V.Karthik

Keywords: Pilgrims, Tourism, Services, Satisfaction, Problems.