Advanced Detection of Cancer Malignant Tissues in Lungs using Convolutional Neural Networks

Author Details

  1. Jayanthi1, S. Madhan Raj2, M. Guhan3, U.G. Harish4

1Assistant Professor, 2,3,4UG Students – Final Year, Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, Nandha College of Technology, Perundurai, Tamilnadu, India


To improve the detection of lung Cancer, lung region are extracted through image processing techniques. This proposed can improve the exactness and proficiency for lung disease location. The point of this is to plan a lung malignant growth discovery framework dependent on investigation of minuscule image of biopsy utilizing advanced image processing. The proposed framework is first perused the image of biopsy tests. Tiny lung biopsy images are in RGB design which is changed over into dark scale images. Dim scale images are dissected for surface extraction utilizing the Gray Level Co-Occurrence Matrix (GLCM) technique used to acquire surface parameters of differentiation, relationship, vitality, and homogeneity highlights and Gray Level Run Length Matrix (GLRLM) strategy used to get parameters of SRE, GLN, RLN and RP highlights. Images are characterized into two classes of malignant growth and non-disease utilizing Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) calculation. This framework looks at the consequence of the precision of the Gray Level Co-event Matrix (GLCM) and Gray Level Run Length Matrix (GLRLM) method. This system has been connected to different restorative applications. Detection of lung malignancy protests in CT sweep, and Analysis of infinitesimal sputum tests for lung disease. Conclusion of lung malignancy with Naive Bayes grouping has been performed by Gray Level Co-Occurrence Matrix (GLCM) and Gray Level Run Length Matrix (GLRLM) technique.