Volume 3 Issue 12

Role of Exercise in Posture Correction

Author(s) Name:  Dr. Nisa.M Abstract Posture reflects the relationship between spinal segments and the influence of the environment on spinal segments. Correct upright posture is considered to be an important indicator of musculoskeletal; health. Costs associated with musculoskeletal impairments in health and loss of work, have contributed to a growing interest in optimizing posture, particularly […]

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Comparative Analysis of Selected Psychological and Motor Fitness Variables between Different positioned University Men Football Players

Author(s) Name: Dr. R.Chinnaiyan Abstract The purpose of the present study was to find the compare the selected psychological and motor fitness variables namely sports competition anxiety, aggression and cardio respiratory endurance between different positioned university men football players. For this purpose of the study, forty men football players studying in the Department of physical education […]

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Effects of Anaerobic Training on Physical Fitness Variables of Adolescent Boys

Abstract : The study was designed to investigate the “physical fitness parameters response to anaerobic training on adolescent boys”. The experimental group was given anaerobic training for the period of eight weeks. The criterion variables were chosen namely Speed, Agility and VO2 max. All the dependent variables were assessed before and after the training period. […]

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Effect of Selected Yogic Practices on Selected Psychological Variable among State Level State Level Cricket Players

Abstract : The purpose of the present study was to find out the effect of selected yogic practices on selected psychological variables among State Level Cricket Players. The study was conducted on 60 State Level Cricket Players. Totally three groups, namely, control & experimental group I & II consisting or 20 State Level Cricket Players […]

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Yoga-A Multifaceted Art Form

Abstract : ‘Yoga’ is derived from the word ‘Yuj” which means ‘to join’. On a theistic basis it can be defined as the union of individual and supreme consciousness. While on a secular mode it can mean the mind’s concentration on a specific action. These definitions point to yogasastras which once existed in India. In […]

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Impact of Advertisement on Shopping among LIS Professionals in Chennai District: A study

Abstract : This paper deals with the impact of advertisement on shopping among LIS Professionals in Chennai district. The study was conducted among the LIS professionals working in various academic institutions in and around Chennai district. Majority of the LIS professionals accept that advertisement influences on shopping, it gets intention through electronic media. The functions […]

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