Volume 2 Issue 5

Enhancements of Resistance Training and Pilates Exercises on Speed Performance among College Men Football Players

Author Name(s): Dr. A. Neethi Abstract The present study was designed to find out the enhancements of resistance training and palates’ exercises on speed performance among college men football players. To attain the purpose, forty five(N=45) men Football players studying various Arts & Science Colleges, affiliated to Annamalai University, Annamalainagar, Tamilnadu, India, during the year […]

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Influence of Medicine Ball Training on Selected Strength and Power Parameters among Volleyball Players

Author(s) Name: Dr. R.Chinnaiyan Abstract The purpose of the study was to find out the effect of medicine ball training on selected strength and power parameters among volleyball players. To achieve the purpose 20 volleyball players were randomly selected as subjects from the department of physical education, Annamalai University. The subject were divided into two groups […]

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Effect of Yoga on Selected Physiological and Haematological Variables among Irregular Menstrual Women

Abstract: The purpose of the study was to investigate the effects of yogic practices on physiological and biochemical variables among irregular menstrual women. To facilitate the study, 30 irregular menstrual women were selected from various hospitals, chennai as subjects at random In this study yogic practices were given to experimental group for the period of […]

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Synthesis of Biodegradable Crosslinkable Poly (Castoroil Fumerate) Polyester Resin Blends on Vinylacetate

Abstract: Biodegradable hydroxyl terminated – Poly (castor oil fumarate) resin was synthesized by the malination of castor oil ,an excellent naturally occurring renewable resource in the presence of morpholin catalyst and further cross linked with Vinyl acetate (VA) by benzoyl peroxide initiator and dimethyl aniline accelerator to yield biodegradable polyester, containing the ratio of resin […]

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Study on Pedagogy Process of Physical Education on Physical Fitness Variables among College Level Women Students

Abstract: The purpose of the study was to assess the pedagogy process of physical education on physical fitness variables among college level women students. To achieve this, one hundred and fifty (N=150) students from Residential colleges and one hundred and fifty students from Non-Residential colleges (N=150) totally three hundred (N=300) Women students were selected randomly. […]

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Effects of Aerobic and Anaerobic Training Followed by Cessation on Total Cholesterol of Anna University Men Players

Abstract: The purpose of the study was to find out the effects of aerobic and anaerobic training followed by cessation on total cholesterol of Anna university men players. To achieve this purpose of the study, forty five men students who were studying in various affiliated engineering colleges of Anna university zone VII and who were […]

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