Volume 4 Issue 7

Analysis of Academic Performance among Sports and Non-Sports Secondary School Students of CBSC, ICSC and State Board

Abstract : The purpose of the study is to analysis the academic performance of sports and non sports students of secondary school students. Education is the light that shows the mankind the right direction. The purpose of education is to modify the behavior and to make the child literate. Education is not just related to the […]

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A Comparative Effect of Maha Sidha Meditation and Chakra Meditation Yoga on Stress and Anxiety Parameters of Middle Aged Men

Abstract : The present study is to analyze the comparative effect of Maha Sidha Meditation and Chakra Meditation Yoga on physical, physiological and psycological parameter of the middle aged men. The subjects were selected from Sivananda Vashe yoga Center at Maha Sidha Yoga Center at Neelampur West at Madathukulam, Tirupur District. The subject’s age was ranged from […]

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Effects of Varied Frequencies of Yogic Practices on the Development of Physiological Variables of Middle Aged Men

Abstract : The motivation behind the investigation is to break down the impacts of shifted frequencies of Yogic Practices on the improvement of physiological factors of Middle Aged Men. In the investigation, forty male moderately aged men were chosen arbitrarily by part examining system, from Anandha Yogam Center at Coimbatore. Twenty male moderately aged men were relegated […]

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A Comparative Study of Selected Anthropometric and Motor Fitness Variables of Football Players’ Playing Positions

Abstract : Anthropometric and fitness based analysis often lead to psychophysical assessment of an individual. Aspects related to motor fitness and Anthropometry can aid in the assessment of soccer players and classify them into highly performing and non highly performing individuals. 150 male soccer players of age group 18-25 years from different universities inclusive of […]

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Inclusiveness and Well Being among Children with Disabilities – at Home & School

Abstract : A child’s well being is determined by the level of parental, familial, communal and social wellness and is predicated on the satisfaction of material, physical, affective and psychological needs. Mental health problem can affect children of all ages. Ten percent of five to fifteen year olds have a diagnosable mental health disorder. If these […]

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Effect of Yogic Practices With and Without Mantra Chanting on Selected Physical Variables among the Female Geriatric People

Abstract : The e aim of this study e is to e find e out e the effect e of yogic practices with and without mantra chanting on the selected physical variables among the female geriatric people. The subjects (n= 45) are randomly assigned to three equal groups of fifteen each. The experimental groups are participated […]

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The Effects of Sprint Training With Meditation Practice on the Development of Agility of School Level Sprinters

Abstract : The analysis of the research paper is to evaluate the effects of sprint training with meditation practice on the development of agility of school level elites printers. The sixty school boys sprinters are selected from Govt, High School, Dibbur, Chickballapur, Karnataka and they were equally allotted in groups. Group –I sprint training (n=15), Group […]

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