Volume 5 Issue 2

Comparison and Study of the Bulk Etch Rate of the Detector CR-39 using Two Etching Solutions

Abstract : In this research, we studied the effect of two types of etching solutions on the bulk etch rate(VB)of the nuclear track detector CR-39. The first type of solution was prepared from dissolving NaOH in (ethanol+water) by different normalitiesat temperature 55ºC and compared with the second type of the solution prepared from dissolving NaOH in […]

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Behavioural Influence of the Small Individual Investors in Tirunelveli District

Abstract : Research in behavioural finance has impact applications. A better understanding of behavioural process and outcomes is important for financial planners because an understanding of how investors generally respond to return should help investment advisors device appropriate allocation, strategies for their small individual investors. An individual investor investing small amounts of various investment avenues […]

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