Volume 5 Issue 4

Wake up to the Logic behind Bull Taming

Author(s): T.R.S. Muthukumaar Abstract Bull taming sport is not only a leisure sport for Tamils, but a tradition that establishes the identity of hard working, self-sufficient and powerful Tamils. It symbolizes a cordial Man-Animal relationship, reads the op-ed, “For the owner, the bull was a member of the family. Native breeds used in bull taming ensured […]

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Effects of Sports Specific Training with Perceptual Skill Training on selected Speed and Agility Variables of Male Inter Collegiate Hockey Players

Author(s) Name: Sivanandhaprabhu, Dr. V. Perumal & Dr.S.Suthakar Abstract The aim of the research is to investigate the effects of sports specific training with perceptual skill training and sports specific training on motor fitness components of male inter collegiate hockey players. To execute the investigation, forty five (N=45) College hockey players studying from different Colleges affiliated […]

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Effects of Sprint and Circuit Training on the Development of Agility and Flexibility of the Inter-Collegiate Male Athlete

Author(s) Name: Revanna. C &  Dr. S. Suthakar Abstract The purpose of the study is to find out the Effects of combination of Sprint Training and Circuit Training on the development of Agility and Flexibility of the Inter Collegiate Level Male Athletes. Sixty athletes from the various colleges in Karnataka are selected as subjects and their […]

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Weakly Axioms in Topological Spaces

Author Name: Vivekananda Dembre Abstract The aim of this paper is to introduce and study two new classes of spaces, namely Weakly-normal and weakly- regular spaces and obtained their properties by utilizing weakly-closed sets.  Keywords: Weakly-closed set, Weakly-continuous function, Weakly-Separation axioms. Cite this Article: Vivekananda Dembre (2018). WeaklyAxioms in Topological Spaces. International Journal of Recent […]

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