Volume 5 Issue 6

Effect of Strength Training Endurance Training and Combined Training on Leg Strength Back Strength and Tidal Volume of College Players

Author(s) Name: Chandrabose. G & Dr. P.Kulandaivelu Abstract The motivation behind the investigation was to discover the impact of quality preparing, intense exercise and consolidated preparing on leg quality, back quality and tidal volume. Sixty male learners matured in the vicinity of 17 and 22 years were chosen for the examination. They were partitioned into four equivalent […]

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Effects of Circuit Resistance Training on Muscular Strength of Intercollegiate Level Power Lifters, Body Builders and Weight Lifters

Author(s) Name: Sadashiv Bhat. B1 & Dr.P. Kulandaivelu   Abstract: The reason for this investigation was to look at muscular strength of intercollegiate male weight lifters, power lifters and body builders. To achieve this purpose eighty healthy male students were randomly selected from R.V.G Engineering college, Mysore, Karnataka. They were divided in to four equal […]

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