Volume 7 Issue 7

Effect of Suryanamaskar Practices on Selected Physical and Physiological Variables among College Men Kabaddi Players

Author(s) Name: Dr.M.Rajkumar, G.Tamilselvan, D.Chinnadurai, A.Thangamurugan & P.Rajangam Abstract:                 This study was designed to effect of Suryanamaskar Practices on selected physical and physiological variables among college men Kabaddi players. To achieve the purpose of the study 30 inter collegiate men Kabaddi players were selected from Bharathiar University Department and Sri Ramalinga Sowdambigai College of Arts […]

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Relationship between Swimming Performance and Selected Biomechanical Variables of Indian Male Swimmers

Author(s) Name: V.Selvam & Prof. R. Subramanian Abstract: The aim of this study was to determine the relationship between swimming performance and selected  biomechanical variables of Indian male swimmers. To achieve this purpose of the study fifty Indian male swimmers who had attended coaching Camps at NIS Patiala and Delhi were selected as subjects in […]

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Dominations of Hydrodynamic Model Based on an Ideal Fluid for Flat FRW Model

Author(s) Name: K.S. Chandan, A. Ameen & R. P.Wankhade Abstract: In this investigation we discussed the performance between Equation of State parameter (EoS) parameter for an ideal fluid and Hydrodynamic fluid with some consequences of FRW model. According to the recent observations of SNe-Ia supernova indicate that the expansion of the universe is accelerating due […]

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Influence of Aerobic Training and Skill Training on Resting Pulse Rate among Basketball Players

Author(s) Name: Dr. R. Ambethkumar & Dr. M. Senthilkumar Abstract: The researcher investigated the influence of Aerobic training and skill training on resting pulse rate among basketball players To achieve the purpose of the study, Sixty Basketball collegiate players were randomly selected from Tiruchirappalli city colleges, Tamil Nadu. Their ages ranged from eighteen to twenty three […]

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