Consumer’s Buying Behaviour towards Online Shopping. A Case Study of Flipkart.Com User’s in Udumalpet Town

Abstract :

The purpose of this study is to examine and analyze the consumer’s buying behavioural pattern towards online shopping (specially in case of users in Udumalpet Town). Also tried to find out various attitudes of flipkart users of Udumalpet Town towards the online shopping. For this study survey was conducted during 1st Nov to 15th Dec 2015. The data will be collected from respondents through scheduled containing questions. The study result concluded that future of e-shopping in India especially in cities looking very bright. offering best prices, good products and completely hassle-free shopping experience for our customers. The success of any e-tailer company in India is depending upon its popularity, its branding image, its unique & fair policies, and its customer relations etc.

Author Name : A.Lakshmanan & Dr.V.Karthik

Keywords: Consumer Buying behavior, E-Shopping, E-commerce,, Online Shopping in Udumalpet Town.