Effect of Varied Frequencies of Nadhisodhana Pranayama on Selected Respiratory Parameters of College Men

Abstract :

Yoga techniques have been professed to improve body flexibility, performance, stress reduction, attainment of
inner peace and self-realization. This study under investigation involves the experimentation of varied frequencies of
Nadishodhana pranayama on respiratory parameters. The investigator met the bachelor degree students from various classes in the Department of Physical Education, koviloor Andavar College, Karaikudi, and explained to them about the purpose and nature of the study and requested them to volunteer for the study. Only College men Participants aged between 18 and 21 years were contacted and around 31 Participants gave their voluntary consent to work as subjects for this study. There was a significant improvement in tidal volume, inspiratory volume, expiratory volume, vital capacity after the varied frequencies of nadishodhana pranayama practice when compared with the control group. In which, the high frequency (weekly five days) nadhishodhana pranayama practice group has improved significantly tidal volume, inspiratory volume, expiratory volume, vital capacity than the medium frequency (weekly three days) nadhishodhana pranayama practice group.

Author Name : Dr.PL. Balasubramanian


Keywords: Tidal Volume, Inspiratory Volume, Expiratory Volume, Vital Capacity.