Effect of Yoga on Selected Physiological and Haematological Variables among Irregular Menstrual Women


The purpose of the study was to investigate the effects of yogic practices on physiological and biochemical variables among irregular menstrual women. To facilitate the study, 30 irregular menstrual women were selected from various hospitals, chennai as subjects at random In this study yogic practices were given to experimental group for the period of six weeks. The pre test was taken from the subjects before administering the training. The subjects were involved with their training for a period of six weeks. The subjects were monitored throughout the sessions. At the end of the six weeks training post test with respect to body mass index, hemoglobin were measured by using the standardized tests and methods. The significant difference between the means of the experimental group and control group for the pre test and post test scores were determined by ‘t’ test. The level of significance was fixed at 0.05 level of confidence. The result of this study proved that significant differences were recorded due to six weeks of yogic therapy for irregular menstrual women. Hemoglobin of the experimental group showed significant Increase when compared to the control group. BMI (Body mass Index) showed significant decrease when compared to the control group.

Author Name : Dr.S.Selvalakshmi

Keywords: Yoga, Physiological, Menstruation, Women.