Effects of Core Circuit Training Using Aerobic Dance and Yogic Practices on Speed and Endurance of World Beaters Talent Test among Overweight Girls


The purpose of the present study was to find out the “Effects of varied combinations of core circuit training using yogic practices and aerobic dance on speed and endurance of world beaters talent test among overweight girls”. To achieve the purpose, as samples, initially 175 girls studying in schools were selected as subjects and measured their weight and height. The age of the subjects ranged from 10 to13years. Using the collected data on body weight and height, Body Mass Index (BMI) was calculated. From the selected subjects (N=175), based on the BMI>29, 45 subjects were randomly selected and segmented into three groups equally. Thus each group was consisting of 15 subjects. Among those two experimental groups and one control group were formed. Group -1 was named as Circuit Core Package Training with Aerobic Dance (CCPTAD) and Group -2 was named as Circuit Core Package Training with Yoga (CCPY). As variables, endurance and speed were selected for this study. The selected subjects of experimental groups and control group were measured endurance and speed which was considered as pre-test score. After completion of pre-test measure on variables used in the study, subjects of both experimental group were underwent the respective training program five days a week for about 12 weeks. The subjects of control group practiced with their own traditional training program other than any specific training which underlies the training program used for this study. Following the treatment of Circuit Core Package Training with Aerobic Dance (CCPTAD) and Circuit Core Package Training with Yoga (CCPY), the subjects of experimental and control groups were further tested on variables of endurance and speed as such in the pre- test and the collected data were considered as post test score. The collected data on endurance and speed before and after the training program were treated with Analysis of Covariance so as to study the comparative effects of Core circuit training practiced with aerobic dance and when practiced with yogic practices on speed and endurance of world beaters talent tests. Results of analysis of covariance explained that significant mean difference was observed on endurance and speed among the three groups. Further to test paired means to find out the source for such significant mean difference on endurance and speed, results of post hoc test was favored to the subjects practiced core circuit training with aerobic dance compared to the other groups. From the results it was concluded that the physical exercises specifically to strengthen the core stability and selected aerobic dance underlie the development of endurance and speed related aspects might be the source for the dominance of core circuit training with aerobic dance on endurance and speed.

Author Name : Shanmugapriya, R & Dr. Anbalagan. P

Keywords: Circuit training, Aerobic exercise, Endurance, Speed, Ancova.