Imagined or Real The Politics Behind Imagining the Homeland

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Dr.Chitra.P.M, Gokulam, Chembukkav, Thrissur-680020


Diasporas-acknowledged as communities or a cluster of people- carries along with them the dream and idea of a home land which is entirely different from their host land- has been an area of interest and debate among academicians. The idea of a homeland may be an imaginary one or an existing one. As a result of the porousness nature of the borders, the concept of homeland and a return to it has become an area of contention. This article is an attempt to explore the politics behind the creation and sustenance of such imaginary homelands by the South Asian diasporic communities.



Diaspora; South Asian diaspora; imaginary homelands; exile; nostalgia


Please cite this article as: Dr.Chitra.P.M (2021). Imagined or Real: The Politics Behind Imagining the Homeland . International Journal of Recent Research and Applied Studies, 8, 7(6), 58-62.