Influence of Successful Anti with Blocking and Unsuccessful Anti with Blocking on Pro Kabaddi Season Four Performance

Abstract :

The purpose of the study was to determine the influence of successful anti with blocking and unsuccessful anti with
blocking on pro kabaddi performance season four. The teams were selected from pro kabaddi leagues season- four. It is the best tournament for indigenous sports of kabaddi. It attracted a large number of people and thereby reached a new level of professionalism. This tournament has made many players as role models for the youth of India. Eight city teams play the game at home and away basis selecting players from twelve countries. It is played on double league and based on the points, four teams qualify for semifinals. The semifinals, final and looser semifinal matches are played on knock out basis. It is played in the month of July and August. The pro kabaddi league season- four tournaments was taken into consideration for the present study. The investigator referred various literatures, consulted with experts in the field of kabaddi to identify ideal variables. Eight teams participated in the pro kabaddi leagues season- four tournament. Each team played 14 matches.. Based on the league points first four teams were selected. Then these teams played semifinals, final and looser semifinal matches. The winner, runner, third place and fourth place teams were selected for the study as independent variables. It includes the winner Patna Pirates, runner Jaipur Pink Panthers, third place Puneri Paltan and fourth place Telugu Titans. Data was collected from the four teams which secured position in the pro kabaddi league season – four matches in the year 2016. All the 16 matches included 14 double league matches, semifinals, final and looser semifinal matches recorded by the organizing committee. It was collected from them by the investigator for analysis. Recorded video tapes were used to analyze the variables. Three expert coaches along with the investigator sat in front of the television and analyzed the variables one by one by using hand coded sheet with slow motion replay whenever necessary. Data were collected for defensive skill for blocking overview. Similar procedures were used for all the sixteen matches in order to collect data. The data collected from the sixteen matches were analyzed by using Chi-Square analysis technique to assess the team performance in the pro kabaddi league season –four tournaments. The level of significance was fixed at 0.05 level of confidence. The result indicates that defensive overview reveals that the selected variables such as higher number successful anti with blocking and less number unsuccessful anti with blocking team success.

Author Name : Basavaraj Irappa Ambiger, Dr.Bupesh, S. Moorthy & Dr.Ishwar, E. Angadi


Keywords: Successful Anti, Unsuccessful Anti, Blocking, Inter cities, Pro Kabaddi.