Intervention of Specific Package of Badminton Drills on Performance Variables in Badminton

Abstract :

The purpose of the study was to analyse the intervention of specific package of badminton drills on performance
variables in badminton. For this purpose thirty men Badminton players who attended the state level coaching camp sports authority of Tamilnadu, Chennai were selected as subjects for this study. They were selected all random basis. All the subjects were experienced players who had already participated state level tournaments. The subjects were randomly divided into two equal groups and each group contains fifteen subjects. Group 1 acted as experimental group and group-2 acted as control group. Experimental group undergone specific package of drills in badminton for a period of six weeks. The control group not participated in such a programme. Their age ranged between 14 and 18 years. Performance Variables namely net drop shot, smash were tested with subjective rating and scored in maximum points. It was observed that specific packages of badminton drills significantly improved net drop and smash ability of the badminton players.

Author Name : S.Kalaimurugan & Dr.R.Mohanakrishnan

Keywords: Specific Package, Badminton Drills, Performance.