Investigation of Changes on Auditory Reaction Time in Respect of Selected Yogic Practices among Women Handball Players


The purpose of this study was to investigate of changes on auditory reaction time due to selected yogic practices among women handball players . For these purpose 30 handball players aged 18 to 22 years from the various faculties of Annamalai University, took part in the study. Selected subjects were randomly assigned to either selected yogic practices (n=15) or control (n=15) group. The training regimen lasted for eight weeks. Prior to and after eight weeks of selected yogic practices the subjects were tested on selected criterion variables using standard tests and procedures. Analysis of covariance was used to determine the significant difference existing between pretest and posttest on selected criterion variables. The analysis of data revealed that eight weeks of yogic practices had significant impact on auditory reaction time of women handball players.

Author Name : Dr.S.Manikandan

Keywords: Yogic practices, Psychomotor, Auditory Reaction Time and Handball.






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