Performance of University Level Kho-Kho Players in Relation to Selected Cognitive Variables

Abstract :

The purpose of the study was to performance of university level kho- kho players in relation to selected cognitive variables the investigator have selection of the samples was selected from those who participated in the south zone Inter University Kho-Kho Tournament from different state. Selected 06 teams form Karnataka, 3 teams form Kerala, 1 team from Pondicherry, 5 teams from Andrapradesh and 4 teams from Tamilnadu collected the data from one hundred and fifty (180) kho-kho players from different category. Chasers=80, Dodgers=80 and All-rounders=80 kho-kho players. The investigator had selected in this studies Reaction time and intelligent the data collected through test and analyzed by using Descriptive statistics One-Way ANOVA/ Duncan’s Multiple Range Test and Pearson’s product moment correlation.

Author Name : Shantharaju & Dr. S. Madialagan

Keywords: Kho-Kho Players, Cognitive Abilities, Reaction Time, Intelligent.