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Study the properties of CdO thin film Prepared by 1064 nm and 532 nm Nd:YAG laser

Author Name(s):  Saif I. Muslim&Ahmed K.Abbas Abstract In the present work, we studied Cadmium oxide CdO thin films were deposited by pulsed laser deposition technique at different wavelength laser on glass substrates. They found The XRD analysis shows that CdO films are polycrystalline with cubic structure. Transmittance decreased with increasing and laser wavelength also that the […]

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Learning Strategies and Academic Achievement in Mathematics among Grade two Pupils of Lagonglong Central School

Author Name(s). Christine Marquino Llausas Abstract The main thrust of this study is to determine the effect of Learning Strategies and Academic Achievement between Traditional and Computer based Learning Strategies in Mathematics among Grade 2 Pupils in Lagonglong Central School, School Year 2016-2017. Specifically, this study sought to answer the following questions:1) What is the […]

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Effects of Skill Related Fitness Training on the Development Agility of Collegiate Football Players

Author Name(s): Kantharaj.S & Dr.S.Suthakar Abstract The primary motivation behind the examination is to discover the impacts of particular wellness preparing on touchy energy of university football players. Approach: To accomplish the motivation behind the examination 30 understudies from 17 years  to 21 years in C.B.R. National School of Law, Shivamogga are chosen as a subject. The […]

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