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Obstacles and Solutions to Yoga

Author(s) Name:  M.S. Arasan & Dr.V. Chandrasekar Abstract: Yoga practice improve physical mental health is the universal truth. However, whether this yoga practice will improve physical and mental health sustainability. This is the objective of this article. Normally people do you when they get disturbance in then mental and physical health. After the recover, people has […]

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Evaluation of Modified Clay in Storm Water Treatment

Author(s) Name: Adesuyi, A.T, Egbon, E.E,  Aladekoyi, G, Ajayi, A. & Alademeyin, O. Abstract: Storm water from South western Nigeria was collected using composite sampling. The Storm water was then analyzed according to the standard methods for the examination of wastewater using COD, BOD, DO etc. The characterized water was treated using raw and Hexadecyltrimethyl-ammonium bromide, […]

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Study of Clay Minerals of the Sediments of the Jayanti Estuary, Shariatpur-Barisal, Bangladesh

Author(s) Name: Sudip Saha, Syed Samsuddin Ahmed, Munir Hossain & Mrinal Kanti Roy Abstract: The present X-ray diffraction analysis deciphers that the clay sized minerals of the Jayanti estuary are comprised principally of illite in combination with varying amounts of kaolinite, chlorite, quartz and feldspar. The amount of illite is highest in the headward part and […]

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A Comparison of AIS, X-Band Marine Radar Systems and Camera Surveillance Systems in the Collection of Tracking Data

Author(s) Name: ZARDOUA Yassir, ASTITO Abdelali, BOULAALA Mohammed Abstract: Maritime traffic has increased in recent years, especially in terms of seaborne trade. To ensure safety, security, and protection of the marine environment, several systems have been deployed. To overcome some of their inconveniences, the collected data is typically fused. The fused data is used for […]

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