A Study on the Level of Work-Life Balance among Medical Representatives

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R.Sindhuja & A. Dinesh Kumar


In this aggressive world everybody is running towards their vocation development despite the fact that they endeavour to satisfy their family duties and the monetary need of the representatives are higher. The person who is adjusting their work and life are more gainful and more dedicated towards their association. Everybody is confronting a testing circumstance for adjusting their work and life. The work life balance is for the most part centred on portraying about the individual needs between time distribution and work. The work life balance is considered as run of the mill issues that had been raised at present and this occurs because of the advancement of the opposition and innovation. Here the Medical agents are the person who is confronting real issues in regards to their parity of work and life since they are the person who is working in the field. The study helps to know the work-life balance among the representatives. The main aim of the study is to know the level of work-life. The primary data is used to collect the data from the representatives with the help of questionnaire. The sample size used in the study is 242 medical representatives from the 650 registered medical representatives. Descriptive research with simple random sampling technique is adopted for the study.


Keywords: Work Life, Balance, Medical Representatives.

Please cite this article as: R.Sindhuja & A. Dinesh Kumar (2018). A Study on the Level of Work-Life Balance among Medical Representatives. International Journal of Recent Research and Applied Studies, 5, 12(7), 28-33.






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