Analyzing the Characteristics of Biodegradable Stent in Labview

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Heart health is important for the overall normal function of the body. Given the complexity of all heart diseases, especially when each person’s experience is different, there are various options to help a patient become healthier. This MQP examines the effectiveness of several cardiac solutions to determine the best solutions for patients. Our primary focus is on the evolution of stents and a comparison of the commonly used stents to other surgical options. LABVIEW software plays a major role in identifying the quality of the stent at different stages. The real time image of the stent is acquired using Vision Acquisition tool in LABVIEW and then it is processed using Vision assistant tool. Pattern matching algorithm is used for detecting the defects in the stent. GSM technology is used for sending the output result to the corresponding end client. Image processing is implemented using LABVIEW and GSM based SMS alert will be send to the patient and doctor about the stent characteristics.               


Biodegradable Stent, Zinc and Austhentic Stainless Steel, LABVIEW analysis, GSM.

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C.Narayanan (2020). Analyzing the Characteristics of Biodegradable Stent in Labview. International Journal of Recent Research and Applied Studies, 7, 9(4), 11-18.