Volume 3 Issue 7

Effect of Six Weeks Aqua Aerobic Exercise and Aerobic Exercise Training Programme on Vo2 Max Responses

Abstract : The purpose of the study was to find out the effect of yogic practice on selected psycho physiological variables among athletes. To achieve the purpose of the present study, thirty athletes from SDAT Tiruchirappalli, Tamilnadu, India were selected as subjects and their ages ranged from 16 to 20 years. The subjects were divided […]

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Regulating Trait Anxiety among Men Badminton Players with Treatment of Yoga and Plyometrics

Abstract: The purpose of the present study was to analyze the training impacts of Plyometrics and Suryanamaskar combined with yogic practices on trait anxiety among men badminton players. To achieve the purpose of this study 60 college level men badminton players from Anjalai Ammal Mahalingam college of Engineering, Thanjavur, Tamilnadu State, India were randomly selected […]

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Phonological Awareness and Orthographic Skills -A Comparative Study between Typically Developing Vs Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Tamil Speaking Children

Abstract : The present study aims in comparing typically developing vs attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) Tamil speaking children in their Phonological awareness and orthographic skills. A standardized test tool on phonological awareness and orthographic principles (Akila & Prema, 2000) was administered, on 20 children out of which 10 typically developing & 10 ADHD children, […]

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Physical Activity and Self Esteem

Abstract: Many researchers have reported the powerful relationship that participation in physical activity has with self-esteem. In most elementary settings, the development of self-esteem is a primary goal because it is considered to be an Underlying factor determining student motivation, persistence, and academic success. Many children wish to be seen as competent in physical activity, […]

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Influence of Kundalini Yoga Practices on Selected Respiratory Parameters among Women Cotton Mill Workers

Abstract: The purpose of the study was to find out the impact of kundalini yoga practices on selected respiratory parameters among cotton mill workers. It was hypothesized that there would be significant differences on selected respiratory parameters due to the effect of kundalini yoga practices among cotton mill workers. For the present study the 30 […]

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An Empirical Study on the Effects of Television Advertising among Mullukuruma Tribes in Kerala

Abstract : This research endeavors to examine the influence of Advertisement among Mullukuruma tribe (Vellappata colony) in Poothadi Panchayath, Wayanad District of Kerala. In the last 50 years the media influence has grown exponentially with the advance of technology. We live in a society that depends on the ICT to keep moving in the right […]

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