Volume 5 Issue 7

Effect of Skills Training With and Without Yogic Practices on Flexibility among Badminton Players

Author Name(s): P.Karthika Abstract The purpose of the study was to investigate the effect of skills training with and without yogic practices on flexibility among Badminton players. Forty five Badminton players were selected from Chennai, and their age ranged between 16 to 19 years. The subjects were divided into three groups consists of 15, each namely […]

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A Study on Bowling Performance of Cricket Players in India

Author Name(s): Mahesha.B.R & Dr.Victor Dhanraj Abstract This study considered and restricted its scope to analyse the bowlers of India at international level matches, test matches. The bowling performances of the top bowlers of India were further analysed using Rate of Over’s per innings,  Percentage of innings to maiden over’s bowled,  Rate of Wickets per innings,  Percentage […]

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A Study on Street Vendors Satisfaction towards Textile Business in Erode Town

Author(s) Name: Dr.M.Selvarani & T.Gowri  Shankar Abstract Street vendors of textile business can be defined as the people who mainly sales different of textile items in different parts of the cities ranging from open space to massive public gathering and who made a diverse range of selection, starting from kids item, ladies garments, shirt, t-shirt, polo-shirt, pants […]

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