Comparative Analysis of Selected Anthropometric Variables between College Level Men Handball Players and Kabaddi Players


The purpose of the study was to compare the selected anthropometric variables between college level men handball players and kabaddi players. Thirty inter collegiate level players were selected as subjects; Fifteen handball players from Selvam college of Physical Education Handball team, and fifteen Kabaddi players from Selvam college of Physical Education Kabaddi team were selected as subject at random. The age of the subjects were ranged between 19 to 28 years only. The selected subjects were tested on their selected anthropometric variables.The data on Upper arm girth, Chest girth, and thigh, calf girths were collected by the investigator with the standard measuring tape. The collected data were tabulated and statistically analysed mean, standard deviation and ‘t’ ratio was used as statistical technique by Garrett (1981)(independent ‘t’ ratio as two groups are comparing different sets of players). From the results obtained it found that there was a significant difference between the mean values of the handball players and kabaddi players on selected anthropometric variables. From the findings of the study it was concluded that the Kabaddi players are better than the handball players on selected anthropometric variables.

Author Name: J. Arul Prasad, Dr.D.Gokulakrishnan

Keywords: Anthropometry, Girths, Handball players, Kabaddi players.