Design of Parallel Slot Loaded Multiband Microstrip Antenna

Abstract :

A parallel slot loaded microstrip antenna is designed with and without slits to analyze for frequency miniaturization. The antenna is designed with FR4 substrate on a ground plane with dielectric permittivity 4.4. The radiating patch has a dimension of 25 mm  30 mm etched with and without slits. The surface current is increased with the slits achieving frequency miniaturization of 60%. A resonant frequency estimating formula for calculation and optimization on parallel slot loaded multiband antenna is presented. The resonant frequency values are found to be in good agreement with calculated, simulated and tested results. The antenna works in multiband covering the major wireless bands.

Author Name : A. Beno

Keywords: Microstrip Antenna, Resonant Frequency, Parallel Slot, Multiband, Miniaturization.