Effect of Plyometric Training Programme and Plyometric Training Parallel with Closed Kinetic Chain Resistance Training Programme on the Development of Anthropometric Variables of Adolescent Students

Abstract :
The purpose of the study was to investigate the effect of plyometric training alone, plyometric training parallel
with closed kinetic chain resistance training programme on the development of selected anthropometric variables. To achieve the purpose, Forty five subjects were selected at random and their ages ranged from 17 to 19 years. The subjects were divided into three equal groups. The study was formulated as a true random group design, consisting of a pre-test and post-test. The subjects (n=45) were randomly assigned to three equal groups of fifteen subjects each. The groups were assigned as Plyometric training (PT), Plyometric training parallel with closed kinetic chain resistance training (PTPCKCRT) and control group (CG) in an equivalent manner. The following are the selected criterion variables; anthropometric variables of body mass index, thigh girth, and calf girth. All the subjects were tested immediately prior and after the experimental programme. Analysis of co variance (ANCOVA) was applied to analyse the significant difference. The .05 level of confidence was fixed as the level of significance to test the F ratio obtained by the analysis of covariance, which was considered as an appropriate. Based on the result of the study it was concluded that, the plyometric training programme parallel with closed kinetic chain resistance training programme produced a significant development on the selected anthropometric variables better than the plyometric training programme.

Author Name : Dr. D. Gokulakrishnan, Dr.A.Pushparajan

Keywords: Plyometric, Closed Kinetic Chain, Anthropometric, Adolescents.






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