Effect of Plyometric Training on Selected Physical Fitness Variables Among College Men Students

G. Selvam & Dr. S. Arul

The purpose of the study was designed to examine the effect of plyometric training on explosive power and elastic power of college men students. For the purpose of the study, thirty men students from the colleges in Karur district were selected as subjects. They were divided into two equal groups. each group consisted of the fifteen subjects. Group I underwent Plyometric training for three days per week for twelve weeks. Group II acted as control who did not undergo any special training programme apart from their regular physical education programme. The following variables namely explosive power and elastic power were selected as criterion variables. All the subjects of two groups were tested on selected dependent variables by using vertical jump and bunny hops respectively at prior to and immediately after the training programme. The analysis of covariance was used to analyze the significant difference, if any among the groups. The .05 level of confidence was fixed as the level of significance to test the ‘F’ ratio obtained by the analysis of covariance, which was considered as an appropriate. The results of the study showed that there was a significant difference between Plyometric training group and control group on explosive power and elastic power. And also it was found that there was a significant improvement on explosive power and elastic power due to twelve weeks of Plyometric training.






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