Effect of Suryanamaskar Practices Compared with Physical Exercises on Selected Biochemical Parameters of College Women


To attain healthy population, college campuses serve as crucial settings to overcome perceived barriers to healthy diet and exercise habits, and implement effective interventions. The aim of this study was to find out the effect of suryanamaskar practices and physical exercises on selected biochemical parameters of college women. 60 college women studying in Arul Anandar College in Madurai District were selected randomly and divided into three groups consisting of 20 in each. Group I underwent physical exercises (PEG), group II underwent suryanamaskar practices (SNG) and group III was kept as control group. The physical exercises (PEG) group was provided with different types of physical exercises, consisting of walking, jogging, floor aerobic exercises and step aerobic exercises for 12 weeks and suryanamaskar practices (SNG) group underwent, slow, medium and fast variations of suryanamaskar. Venous blood samples (10 ml) were collected from the forearm vein after overnight fasting both prior to and immediately after the experimental treatments from all the three groups’ subjects. From the blood samples biochemical variables, fasting blood sugar and total cholesterol were obtained. The results of this study proved that both the experimental protocols significantly contributed for fasting blood sugar and total cholesterol of the college women. Even though it was found that suryanamaskar practices (SNG) group was found to be better than physical exercises (PEG), the difference between the experimental groups was not significant at 0.05 level. It was concluded that the findings of this study can be used by future researchers as status reporting on selected biochemical parameters among college women and the beneficial effects of physical exercise and suryanamsakar for the all round development of their health.

Author Name : N. Veeraparameswari, Dr.P.K.Senthilkumar

Keywords: Physical Exercise, Surya Namaskar, Fasting Blood Sugar, Total Cholesterol.