Effect of Varied Intensities of Strength Training on Selected Physical Fitness Variables among State Level Men Fencers

Abstract :

Fencing is a sport requiring hand-eye coordination, explosiveness, and pinpoint accuracy. The aim of this study was to find out the effect of varied intensities of strength training, on selected physical fitness variables, explosive strength and speed. Randomly selected 60 men state level fencers were divided into 4 groups consisting of 15 subjects in each. Low intensity strength training (LIST) group I underwent 40 to 50% of 1 RM of selected 8 strength training exercises. Group II underwent medium intensity of strength training (MIST) 50 to 60% of 1 RM and group III underwent high intensity of strength training (HIST) 60 to 70% of 1 RM. The control group did not undergo any special training or coaching programmed apart from their regular routine. Pre and post tests scores were analysed using ANCOVA. The results proved that MIST and HIST groups significantly improved speed and lower explosive strength (P<0.05), and LIST, MIST and HIST groups significantly improved upper explosive strength. It was concluded that High intensity training group significantly improved explosive strength and speed better than medium intensity group.

Author Name : G. Nagasubramanian & Dr. Arumugam. C

Keywords: Strength training, Explosive strength, Speed, Fencing.