Emotional Maturity Level of Athletes and Non Athletes


The purpose of the study is to find out the emotional maturity between Athletes and non-Athletes. Education is a powerful instrument of social and economic change. It has to be related to the long – term national development in which the country is engaged and the problem it is called upon on face. Other agencies may help but the only instrument that can reach all people is education. But our education system is anti – creative. The unchallenging classroom activities fail to produce emotionally mature and well – behaved adolescents. In the present circumstances, youth as well as children are facing difficulties in life. These difficulties are giving rise to may psychosomatic problems such as anxiety, tensions, and frustrations and emotional upsets in day- to – day life. So, the study of emotional maturity is now emerging as a descriptive science, comparable with anatomy. It deals with interplay of forces with intensities and quantities. Actually, emotional maturity is not only the effective determine of personality pattern but it also helps to control the growth of adolescent’s development. Lack of emotional maturity may lead to the development of neurotic behaviour of adolescents. Without emotional maturity and normal behaviour one cannot think of a well – developed society. In students the tendency to compete against is present in its natural form. It should be a joy for them than a social obligation. Such tendency must suppress as it untimely affects one’s personality. Therefore, there is great need to study emotional maturity of students.

Author Name : K. Jayachandran

Keywords: Athletes, Emotion, Adolescent.