Evaluation on Resting Pulse Rate through Selected Yogic Practices and Physical Exercises


The present study describes the evaluation of different yogic practices with physical activity through the measurement of resting pulse rate. In this study, female students were divided equally into three groups: those undergoing yogic practice (Group A), physical activity (Group B) and control (Group C). The status of Resting Pulse Rate of all the three groups was measured for a period of three months using Stethoscope and Stop Watch before and after the training period. The obtained pre and post scores were examined by Analysis of covariance (ANCOVA) for assessing the statistical significance. Schefee’s Post hoc-test was further applied to find out the best among the three groups. The results confirm that the designed yogic practice package has brought about a significant impact on the resting pulse rate of the yoga group compared to the other two groups.

Author Name : M.Hemalatha, Dr.P.Mariayyah

Keywords: Resting Pulse Rate, Yogic Practice, Physical Exercise.