Impact of Hypoxic Training and Pranayama Practices on Selected Physical Fitness Variables among School Boys


Aim of the study was to find out the impact of hypoxic training and pranayama practices on selected physical fitness variables among school boys. The study was conducted on forty five (N=45) students studying government her sec school, Chidambaram and age group ranged 14 to16 years Tamilnadu, India, during the year 2012-2013 were selected as subjects at random and they were divided randomly into two experimental groups and on control group of fifteen each, namely Group I Hypoxic Training, Group II Pranayama Practice and Group III acted as Control. The training period was limited to twelve weeks and for three days per week. The experimental groups underwent their respective experimental treatment for 12 weeks. Cardio respiratory endurance and agility were selected as dependent variables. Cardio respiratory endurance was assessed Cooper’s 12 Minute Run/Walk Test and Agility was assessed by Shuttle run test. All the subjects were tested prior to and after the training for all the selected variables. The data collected from the three groups prior to and post experimentation was statistically analyzed by using Analysis of Covariance (ANCOVA). Scheffe’s post hoc test was applied to determine the significant difference between the paired means. In all the cases .05 level of significance was fixed. The result reveals significant differences in cardio respiratory endurance and agility among the experimental groups.

Author Name : Dr. K. Rajendran

Keywords: Hypoxic training, Pranayama Practices, Cardio respiratory endurance, Agility.