Impact of Yogic Practices on Selected Physiological Variables among College Men

Abstract :

Yoga breathing is considered as an intermediary between the mind and body which owes great potentials and comprehensive utilization of the prana system. As the pranayama and bandhas have vital role in the yogic breathing practices, the investigator analyzed the effect of pranayama and bandha practices on selected physiological variable among college men. To achieve this purpose, three groups of twenty college men each were randomly selected as subjects and named as ‘bandha group’, (BG) ‘pranayama group’ (PG) and ‘combined group’ (CG). BG and PG underwent selected bandha and Pranayama practice respectively whereas CG underwent the combination of both pranayama and bandha practice for six weeks. The selected subjects were tested before (pre test) and after (post tests) the practice period on the selected variables for the research work and were statistically treated by applying ANACOVA and Scheffe’s Post Hoc test. The result of this study was proved that selected bandha and pranayama practice could make significant changes on the physiological functions among college men. Daily practice of yoga is one of the prime and easiest ways to maintain the physiological functions attain physical fitness and free from diseases especially among college men.

Author Name : K. Jayachandran

Keywords: Yoga, Pranayama, Bandha, Physiology, College Men.