Influence of Exact Sports Skill Training Programme on the Special Psychomotor Variables of School Cricket Players


The purpose of the study was to find out the influence of exact sports skill training programme on the special psychomotor variables of school cricket players. To achieve the purpose of the study 30 cricket players were selected form government her sec school karur. Hand steadiness and span of attention were selected for the study. Pre-test was conducted for the experimental and control groups and specific skill training and several specific drills was given to the experimental group for a period of six weeks. Apart from the general fitness training specific skill training was given for two hours during the evening session for five days per week. The intensity was increased through repetitions and rest between repetitions was allowed. Finally at the end of the sixth week the post-test was conducted for experimental and control groups in the selected variables. The data obtained were analyzed statistically by using dependent’t’-test to find out significant improvement on the selected variables. The level of confidence was fixed at 0.05 level which was considered sufficient for the study. The findings of the study showed that there was a significant improvement in hand steadiness and span of attention of psychomotor variables among the cricket players of experimental group.

Author Name : K. Jayachandran

Keywords: CRM in Tourism Sector, Indian Tourism, Internet Tourism, e-Tourism .