LEADERSHIP : The Heart of Human Resource Management for Organizational Excellence

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Dr L.Rupa


                The drastic change at the global level in the industrial, manufacturing and service sector has made the organizations to face a cut throat competition to sustain their organizations in the long term. Irrespective of any sector the organization is made up of people and without people no organization can exist. It is through the combined effort of people, the other resources of  the organization is utilized properly. Therefore, people play the most vital role among the resources of the organization and it is clear that Human Resource Management is one of the most important need of today’s success of any organization. Human resources are heterogeneous, dynamic and most important element in any organization. Human resource is the process of achieving the fittest to the jobs and the surrounding environment. As a representation of human resource here comes the leader who is the king maker of the success of the organization. This conceptual study focuses on the importance of human resource management ( HRM ), the importance of leadership, the relationship between leadership and human resource management and the drive of leadership and human resource management towards organizational excellence. 


Human Resource Management, Leadership, Organizational Excellence.

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Dr. L.Rupa (2018). LEADERSHIP : The Heart of Human Resource Management for Organizational Excellence. International Journal of Recent Research and Applied Studies, 5, 4(15), 70-74.






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