MADM Model for Decision Making Support Structures Using SAW Technique

Author(s) Name:

N. Thinaharan & V. Thiagarasu


In this work scientific and simple calculation method for manufacturer’s decision-makers to choose the most ideal supplier has been provided. This paper deals with the supplier selection problem based on SAW algorithm (Simple Additive Weighting) which is a multiple attribute decision making (MADM) approach with entropy method which gives the weights to indicators. The SAW algorithm deals with the conflicts between indicators based on certain way to sort the scheme and choose the best scheme. A numerical example is proposed to illustrate the effectiveness of this algorithm. However, Sensitivity Analysis for the weighting vectors is performed to make the result of evaluations more objective and accurate and also Entropy based method is proposed with numerical illustration together with comparison of methods. 

 Keywords: SAW; MADM; Sensitivity Analysis; Entropy; DMSS; DSS.

Please cite this article as: N. Thinaharan & V. Thiagarasu. MADM Model for Decision Making Support Structuresusing SAW Technique. International Journal of Recent Research and Applied Studies, 2015, 2, 8(18), 71 – 87.