Perception of MDM Incharges Towards Implementation of Mid Day Meal Program in Delhi


In 1925, a Mid Day Meal Programme was introduced for disadvantaged children in Madras Municipal Corporation. MDMS was first implemented for the children aged between 6-11 years to maximize enrolment and reduce school dropout rates, which were important from the viewpoint of universalisation of elementary education as well as achievement of higher literacy rates in the country (NFI. 2006). Involvement of the teachers could make this programme more authentic and acceptable. So the perception of MDM teachers is important to assess awareness among them regarding MDM. During observation it was found that no involved in supervising the distribution of MDM most of the incharges felt that MDM was an additional work and responsibility. From the tools it was found that 87.50 percent MDM-In charge were satisfied with the quantity and 62.50 percent MDM Incharge reported that MDMS is a very good scheme at least for poor children. But only 12.5% were satisfied with quality of MDM being served. By 56.2% Incharges accepted that there is leftover of MDM by the students and reason was students did not like the MDM. While 53.1% reported that parents do not allow the students to consume MDM from school. During observation only 21.9% MDM incharges tasted MDM before distribution. Many suggestions were given by the MDM incharges like quality should be improved and repetition of the same menus should changed timely.

Author Name : Lalita Verma, Dr. Anupa Siddhu

Keywords: MDMS, Quality, Tasting, Leftover, Schools.