Power, Performance and Presidency: The House Arrest Theater Project

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C.S.Biju Ph.D, Associate Professor in English.

St.Thomas’ College( Autonomous), Thrissur, Kerala,  India


Renowned African American solo performer Anna Deavere Smith’s take on American presidency caught the attention of mass media in the wake of complex bondages between power, media and sexuality, a debate ignited in the wake of Clinton-Lewinsky allegations. Smith has conducted detailed research on the topic which finally reached at Thomas Jefferson’s controversial affair with his slave Sally Hemings and the pamphlet written by Jefferson on Africans. Smith has interviewed many individuals in connection with this  and finally presented them on stage with subtle constume changes and make up. Theatrically House Arrest was a phenomenal success which brought in a novel performance style incorporating research, interviews and characterization. This article attempts to explore the issues of power, media and sexuality in contemporary politics in the light of the information gathered and its representation on stage.

Please cite this article as: Power, Performance and Presidency: The House Arrest Theater Project

C.S.Biju Ph.D. International Journal of Recent Research and Applied Studies, 3, 2(25),123-128






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