Role of Garden Land Farm Women in Sugarcane Farming System

Author(s) Name: D.Vengatesan & Santha Govind


The involvement of women in agriculture is as old as the advent of agricultural practices in the world. Women are intensively involved in all the farm operations. However, women’s involvement and participation are not always ‘visible’ as compared to the ‘visibility’ of men. Moreover, the technologies are said to be gender neutral. Few research studies have shown that most of the technologies in agriculture are not suitable to farm women. The study was taken up with the objective to study the role performance of garden land farm women in sugarcane farming operations. Sample size of 60 garden land farm women were selected using proportionate random sampling technique. Utilizing the data, percentage analysis was taken up to assess the role performance of farm women under garden land farming system. Further , mean percentage was calculated for each of the major role area. The findings on role performance on sugarcane cultivation operations by farm women out of twenty five items, only six items indicate that cent percent of the garden land farm women had performed the task namely viz., planting the sets, gap filling , hand weeding, collection , bundling and carried to transport place.

 Keywords: Role performance, small farm women and technology.

Please cite this article as: D.Vengatesan & Santha Govind. Role of Garden Land Farm Women in Sugarcane Farming System. International Journal of Recent Research and Applied Studies, 2014, 1, 7(31), 125 – 128.