The Impact of GST on Agricultural Sector

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Goods and Services Tax is a single and a broad based tax levied on goods and services consumed in an economy. Agricultural sector has been the root of Indian economy and it contributes to around 17.4 per cent to GDP. About 52 per cent of the total rural livelihood depends on this sector as their primary means of livelihood, so it is important to study the impact of GST on the Agriculture sector. GST will have both positive and negative effect on Agriculture. GST is expected to create a business friendly environment, as price level and inflation rate go down. Good and Service tax has single tax structure as it leads to unified market at national level for goods and services. The implementation of GST is expected to bring uniformity across states and centre which would make tax support policy of a particular commodity effective. Good and Services Tax (GST) was predicted to have a simple harmonized tax structure with operational ease leading to a single unified market at national level for goods and services while ensuring that there  is no negative revenue impact on the states. This paper is helpful in bringing out the light on Impact of GST on Agriculture sector.


Impact, GST, Agricultural Sector.

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T.Saritha (2018). The Impact of GST on Agricultural Sector. International Journal of Recent Research and Applied Studies, 5, 12(9), 36-39.






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