User pattern of Libraries by students of Arts colleges in Coimbatore District: A Study

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Dr. M. Sakthi Suganth


The present study focuses on the information seeking behavior of students at arts Colleges in Coimbatore and for this data was gathered by the questionnaire method and randomly selected the students. The overall purpose of the study was to determine what their information requirements and also determine their awareness of library services available to them.  Data were gathered from 122 students out of 150 through open and closed questionnaire. Findings recommends that guidance in the use of library resources and services is necessary and web searching and retrieval skills be organized at regular intervals to help students meet some of their information requirements.

 KeywordsInformation Seeking Behavior, Library Resources, ISB, Digital Environment and Arts College and Documentary Delivery.

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Dr. M. Sakthi Suganth (2018). User Pattern of Libraries by Students of Arts College in Coimbatore District: A Study. International Journal of Recent Research and Applied Studies, 05, 11(6), 30-34.