Wake up to the Logic behind Bull Taming

Author(s): T.R.S. Muthukumaar


Bull taming sport is not only a leisure sport for Tamils, but a tradition that establishes the identity of hard working, self-sufficient and powerful Tamils. It symbolizes a cordial Man-Animal relationship, reads the op-ed, “For the owner, the bull was a member of the family. Native breeds used in bull taming ensured biodiversity and acted a geographical indicators.” Jallikattu helps in identifying superior bull breeds for mating and gene preservation. Those bulls that win the sport are selected for mating, while the other remaining bulls are used for farming activities. The valiant bulls promote native breeding of cows which is a staple source of A2 Milk. The bulls are used for ploughing, transportation, farmyard manure, organic treatments like Panchagavya, Jeevamritham that are used as natural pesticides to keep the crops free from disease and enrich the yield and the soil. Jallikattu is not just a simple display of bravery during Pongal, as many seem to think. It is a deep-rooted issue connected with the need to preserve the native breeds of cattle in Tamil Nadu. It is important for all to understand the fundamental aspects of preservation of indigenous breeds of cattle and the larger implications the issue has on the cattle wealth of the country and more particularly Tamilnadu. These are the justifications for the initiative of Jpl. This will certainly remain a conducive platform to sustain our culture blended with science to be valiant, powerful, and productive society to the country and the world as well. The JPL is aimed to be promoted with a commendable objective to * Encourage sports and cultural activities more specifically relating to bull taming *Encourage the Jallikattu bulls used as studs for increasing quality breeding *Encourage our nature bull of cattle saved from extinction * Encourage Jallikattu sport to infuse courage and strength in the minds of the youth * Encourage the private sponsors to promote/undertake bull sports * Encourage the sponsors to undertake schemes to be introduced in the field of cultural activity, education, and social welfare * Encourage competitions, work-shops, seminars, conferences to achieve the above objectives * Create and maintain the necessary infrastructure *Achieve National Level Sports Approval * Conduct District/State/National Level Bull Sports regularly * Create District Level Medical Amenities with Emergency Hospital service for the bulls * Recognize bull farmers & fighters at District and State Level * Encourage more JPL voluntary members at District and State Level.

 Keywords: Jallikattu, Vadi Majuvirattu, Veli Virattu, Vadam Manjuvirattu.






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