A colorimetric new synthesized sensor Co(II) complex for pollution detection

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Aml M. Saleha, Omyma A.M. Alib, Zeinab H. Abd El-Wahaba*, Abeer A. Faheima, and Aida A. Salmana

 aChemistry Department, Faculty of Science (Girl’s), Al-Azhar University, Youssif Abbas St., Nasr-City, Cairo, Egypt, P.O. Box 11754.

bChemistry Department, Faculty of Women for Arts, Science and Education, Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt.


Throughout this study, a new synthesized Co(II) complex was characterized by fully physicochemical and spectroscopic methods such as the elemental analysis, FT-IR, the UV–Vis spectrophotometry, and thermal gravimetric analysis. This complex was found to be an efficient chemosensor able to detect the organic pollutants and so can be removed it. The organic pollutants such as 4-nitrophenol can be detected and treated through the reduction process in which 4-nitrophenol reduced to 4-aminophenol in presence of sodium borohydride as the reducing agent at room temperature.  

Keywords: Colorimetric sensor; Metal complex; Spectrophotometry; 4-nitro phenol; 4-amino phenol.

Please cite this article as: Aml M. Saleh, Omyma A.M. Ali, Zeinab H. Abd El-Wahab, Abeer A. Faheim, and Aida A. Salman (2021). A colorimetric new synthesized sensor Co(II) complex for pollution  detection. International Journal of Recent Research and Applied Studies, 8, 4(14), 127-130






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