A Smart Radar Navigation Prototype Model using Arduino

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M.Velmurugan1, S.Gayathri2, J.Monika3, V.Kowsika4, S.Dhivya5

1Assistant Professor, 2,3,4,5UG Students – Final Year, Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering,  Vivekanandha College of Technology for Women, Namakkal, Tamilnadu, India


The application of radio detection and ranging in different places such as military installation, commercial use is done with the help of RADAR SYSTEM which uses electromagnetic waves for detection of different physical components such as distance, speed, position,range, direction, size etc which can be either fixed or be in motion.Use of radar system has been developed greatly specially in field of navigation. In this research we study about existing navigation technologies and proposed an Arduino based radar system. It has advantage over other radar system as kit reduces power consumption and connect programmer to wide range or Arduino programmers and open source code. The system consist a basic ultrasonic sensor placed upon a servo motor which rotates at a certain angle and speed. This ultrasonic sensor is connected to Arduino digital input output pins and servo motor also connected to digital input output pins.

Keywords: Arduino, Ultrasonic sensor, Servo motor, Simulation






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