A Task – Based lesson to Grammar Teaching: A Post Modern Approach to Teach Grammar

Abstract :

This is a very recent and widely accepted teaching method. Almost all the aspects of the lesson are based on
communicative language teaching. This is a revolutionary and most appropriate method to second language teaching, developed in the end of the last decade of the twentieth century. The communicative language teaching methods (CLT) did not reject grammar teaching completely. In fact, grammar is still the main component of the syllabus of CLT. This belief was popular at about the time that CLT was being developed, and was really absorbed into it. Grammar rules reappeared in course books and grammar teaching re emerged in classrooms. This task – based lesson is interaction based because communication skills are used and acquired in serial interaction. It enables unpredictability and creativity in both form and message. This is a kind of learner centered method. Here, learning takes place through interacting interaction and negotiation.

Author Name : Dr. P. Pallavan


Keywords: Grammar Teaching, Modern Approach.