Prevalence of Adulteration of Conventional Fuel in the Society (Six Geopolitical Zone of Nigeria as a Case Study)

Author(s) Name: Olotu O.O, Bello. S & Isehunwa S.O Abstract: With increase in Fuel demand and consumption but decrease in supply, an increase in the level of fuel adulteration has also been observed and confirmed in Nigeria. Lower priced adulterants are commonly added to our conventional fuel which contributes towards the increase in damages mostly on […]

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Effect of Varied Capsule of Fitness Training on Wing Shot Shooting among College Level Men Handball Players

Author(s) Name: L. Sasikumar &Prof. R. Subramanian Abstract: The aim of this study was to find out the effect of varied capsule of fitness training on wing shot shooting among college level men handball players The subjects (n=80) were randomly assigned to four equal groups of twenty handball players in each group. The groups were assigned as […]

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Anti diabetic activity, Anticancer activity and α-amylase enzyme inhibitory effect of Tetrakis (4-aminopyridine- kN1) di chloride copper (II) monohydrate, [CuCl2(C5H6N2)4].H2O

Author(s) Names: M.Renuga devi, A.Sinthiya, S.Lingeswari, P.Lalitha, M. Koperuncholan Abstract: The functional group of the crystal Tetrakis (4-aminopyridine- kN1) di chloride copper (II) monohydrate, [CuCl2(C5H6N2)4].H2O complex confirmed by FTIR spectrum. The crystal taken in the form of solution and subjected to biological activity test. Its particle size and Zeta potential calculated. It exhibit good zone […]

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Dominations of Hydrodynamic Model Based on an Ideal Fluid for Flat FRW Model

Author(s) Name: K.S. Chandan, A. Ameen & R. P.Wankhade Abstract: In this investigation we discussed the performance between Equation of State parameter (EoS) parameter for an ideal fluid and Hydrodynamic fluid with some consequences of FRW model. According to the recent observations of SNe-Ia supernova indicate that the expansion of the universe is accelerating due […]

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Influence of Aerobic Training and Skill Training on Resting Pulse Rate among Basketball Players

Author(s) Name: Dr. R. Ambethkumar & Dr. M. Senthilkumar Abstract: The researcher investigated the influence of Aerobic training and skill training on resting pulse rate among basketball players To achieve the purpose of the study, Sixty Basketball collegiate players were randomly selected from Tiruchirappalli city colleges, Tamil Nadu. Their ages ranged from eighteen to twenty three […]

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Redefining the Management of the Kenya Film Industry: A Collective Approach

Author(s) Name:  Kennedy Njasi Simiyu Abstract: This paper interrogates the fragmented national policy framework regulating the Kenyan film industry, which impacts the production, distribution and consumption of film products in Kenya. The paper used a policy document analysis parallel to interviews with correspondents from film makers and government entities in Kenya. It establishes that government […]

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Effect of Pranayama Practice on Emotional Adjustment in Professional College Female Students

Author(s) Name: Jayakumar. M Abstract:                 Effect of pranayama practice on emotional adjustment in professional college female students was examined. Sixty female students from professional Colleges of Calicut between 19 to 24 years were selected as subjects randomly. The subjects were equally divided into control group and experimental group. Pranayama practice was assigned for twelve […]

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